Sonos 5.0 Home Theatre Surround Sound Beam Gen 2 + One Pair Pack White

Vendor: Sonos
Sonos 5.0 Home Theatre Surround Sound Beam Gen 2 + One Pair Pack White   5.0 Sonos Home Theatre Surround Sound Beam + One SL Pair Pack White includes: 1 x Sonos Beam...


$1,412.00 $1,437.00

Sonos 5.0 Home Theatre Surround Sound Beam Gen 2 + One Pair Pack White


5.0 Sonos Home Theatre Surround Sound Beam + One SL Pair Pack White includes:

  • 1 x Sonos Beam White Gen 2
  • 2 x Sonos One White


With Amazon Alexa Voice Control & Google Assistant; play and control your music hands-free. Just ask.

Experience incredible sound while streaming music, watching TV and movies, enjoying
podcasts and audiobooks, or playing video games. As part of Sonos’ home sound system, Sonos Beam supports more than 80 streaming services.
Amazon Alexa comes built in with future support for multiple voice assistants including Google Assistant.

- For any home. In all white or black to complement your home, the curved silhouette quietly blends into its surroundings.

- Nothing off the shelf. Every acoustic component is custom-designed by Sonos and tuned for immersive sound to fill the entire room.

- Compact size: At only 25.6 inches long, Sonos Beam won’t hang off furniture, block the TV or overwhelm your space.

- Versatile: Place Sonos Beam on your TV stand or purchase the custom designed wall mount to easily and securely hang it.

- Easy to set-up:  Plug Sonos Beam into power and then connect it to your TV using the HDMI cord. That’s it. Forget the tangled mess of
traditional home theater systems.

- Control your way: Control Sonos Beam with your voice, the Sonos app, your existing TV remote, your favorite music service’s app, and
soon, AirPlay.
- Smart voice recognition: Noise cancellation and beamforming technology make sure you’re heard, even when the music is blasting,
including multi-channel echo cancellation to account for a full 5.1 listening experience.
- Optimised for your listening: From within the Sonos App – tap Speech Enhancement so you never miss a word, or Night Mode to amplify
quiet noises and reduce loud ones so you can enjoy late night TV without waking the entire house.

- Tune with Trueplay: Trueplay analyses all the acoustic factors in your room—size, layout, décor and speaker placement—and tunes Beam
to sound its absolute best.

- Better over time:  As part of the Sonos system, Beam gets new features through regular software updates.


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       Optional Upgrades: 

      1) Soundlab Music and Tutorial + Support Bundle: Exclusive ONLY to Soundlab in entire Australia. Includes: Sonos Registration and Setup + Channel Bandwidth balancing + Adding over 10 Music Services (with no ongoing fees or subscriptions) and Half hour Sonos tutorial + 6 months Soundlab Sonos Support Valued at $399 - for just $199 when added with this package


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